About us

KamiyaSoft is a part of BirchTreeGames and a collaborative project of two computer science students from Cologne.
Their first game is a visual novel “The multidimensional pantsu drawer” (shortcut: mUf) and soon there will be many more such crazy games!

The Team

Bea about herself


G’day, I’m Beate and the coder of KamiyaSoft. I’m struggling with the code, so the games are working fine. I’m a passionate gamer that’s why I try to offer you – at least technically – a great gaming experience.


Jacqueline about herself


Hello there, I’m Jacqueline and the writer of KamiyaSoft! My main task is to devise good stories and nice characters which will touch your heart. Or at least to contrain your risorius muscles.

Furthermore I’m responsible for the press relations of KamiyaSoft and I’m always open to new ideas. You can easily reach me via Contact.