The multidimensional underwear drawer

Visual NovelOtome

Hana‘s normal life goes topsy-turvy!

Hana hit rock bottom after the break up with her ex. And now everything is different than expected: Her best friend Kerstin wants to hook Hana up with her childhood friend Furio, her pushy neighbor Blanche gets pushier, two demons, Tymoteusz and Einar, enter Hanas life to eat her soul, and then her ex Jan comes back to recover his true love.
And then a gate to hell opens up in Hanas underwear drawer …

Which route will be the right one for Hana? Which one leads into happiness? Which one into loneliness or even into death? How Hana decides, you decide!


  • Influence the course of the game with your decisions!
  • Accompany Hana on five completely different routes, searching for happiness! Or, well … for death.
  • Unlock reward pictures (CGs) with the right decisions!
  • Collect all 46 achievements!
  • Discover all humoristic info boxes!
  • Count your trials with the “Death Counter”!



The pretended heroine


Name: Hana Rosenthal
Age: 28
Eye color: red-brown
Hair color: red
Birthday: 4th April
Zodiac sign: Aries
Blood type: AB

Hana is the heroine of this story. She was with Jan for a long time. Other men (or women?) didn’t come into question for her. So she is fairly unexperienced how to build relationshops, despite her longtime relationship with Jan.
But self do, self have. And so Hana goes on a fairly awkward journey to her new happiness … or her death? You will decide this as the player! 😉


The two-edged sword


Name: Tymoteusz
Age: old, but looks young
Eye color: red
Hair color: brown
Birthday: unknown
Zodiac sign: unknown
Blood type: B

Tyomoteusz (for short “Tymo”) was sent to the human world in order to eat the soul of a human being. But he arrived weakened and is in a small but lovely condition. As a midget he appears together with a gate to hell in Hanas underwear drawer. And so the poor Hana will be instantly his target …
But Hana isn’t completely lost! As long as you make the right decisions. 😉


The soothing river


Name: Furio Loomis
Age: 29
Eye color: blue
Hair color: black
Birthday: 10th September
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Blood type: A

Furio is a shy childhood friend of Hana. For years he harbored feelings for Hana, but recoiled from a confession, because Hana was liaised with Jan. But Jan is gone and now he – but especially Kerstin – sniffs his chance for getting Hana. Too bad that he is so freaking clumsy. Hana knows about his feelings, but without her doing this romance won’t blossom. And now you come into play! 😉 (Literally~)


The white and sometimes annoying lily


Name: Blanche Lis
Age: 32
Eye color: grey
Hair color: blonde
Birthday: 29th February
Zodiac sign: Pisces
Blood type: 0

Hana’s neighbor Blanche is young, pretty, successful and especially one thing: lesbian. When Hana’s and Jan’s relationship broke up, she made more advances to Hana and tried to seduce her. But for the good Hana is everything new and strange. Particularly since Blanche is a type of woman that Hana hates guts.
However Hana finds purchase in the arms of a woman. Or is it reversed? Is ist Blanche, who needs purchase? Well, you should decide this on your own!


The holier-than-thou mirror


Name: Einar
Age: unknown
Eye color: unknown
Hair color: unknown
Birthday: unknown
Zodiac sign: unknown
Blood type: AB

Einar is a demon, who lived spellbound for a long time in Hanas beloved teddy bear. Because of Tymoteusz’ arrival his powers has grown from anew, but just a bit, so he can move as a teddy bear und can cast some spells. He’s very blunt with Tymo, but seems to watch out for Hana. Nonetheless it’s uncertain if he’s doing that, to steal Hana’s soul from Tymo, so he can go back strengthened into hell, oder if he’s feeling reponsible for Hana. We want to leave this to you. 😉


The hotbed of sin


Name: Jan Ahrend
Age: 27
Eye color: blue
Hair color: blonde
Birthday: 13th July
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Blood type: B

Jan is Hana’s ex. He broke up with her, because he was bored of her. He’s a bon vivant and is only interested in himself. As soon as Hana was gone, he realized, that his longtime relationship with Hana has an influence on him. And now he wants her back. But will he succeed or is Hana forever lost for him? This decision is yours! 😀



Name: Kerstin
Age: 28
Eye color: brown
Hair color: brown

Kerstin is Hana’s best friend and for her just one thing counts: Hooking Hana up with someone. Her favorit in this plot is the shy Furio. In her eyes he’s the perfect partner for Hana. She’s bubbly, cheerful and is giving more or less helpful advices. In this game you can’t win her heart, but you can keep in with her. This will raise your chances of a happy ending. But the question is, for whom will be this a happy ending.

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Dialogues & Story – Jacqueline Richardt
Scripting – Beate Strecker
Illustrations (characters / backgrounds) – Dramie Facebook
Game design – Beate Strecker & Jacqueline Richardt
English translation – René Kayser
Beta tester – Sebastian Witte, Patricia Maria F., Friendzone Rangers, Marcel Baumann, Amu, Andre Tischer, Sandra Ritzer
Music – Kai Hartwig & Michael Adels
Sound – _CostA_, AleksandarM, Brokoola, CC_Media, CreativeSoundEffects, Deodo, Ghetty, maxtecb, Mellau, odiusfly, onetwoinfinite, OutputAudio, takerui

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